Here they are, my favorite whines of the past 199 posts. I want to thank everyone who has been submitting whines and visiting the site every day. It’s really a joy to run.

Now where’s my f*cking book deal?

Complaint #7

“I just haven’t seen any movie worth watching since ‘The Squid and the Whale.’”

- Whine by Me

Complaint #50 

“What the fu… Turbo Tax is raising their fees again this year?! Fine, but this is the last time I’m using them.”

- Whine By Dean Brooks

Complaint #41

“Ugh, The guy at T-Mobile swore to me this was the newest Blackberry.”

-Whine by Steve Soph

Complaint #69

“Ugh, why do people even bother complimenting me on my car if they’re going to mispronounce Audi?”

-Whine by Thomas McKinney

Complaint #81

“I’m tired of this ‘will he-won’t he’ garbage…Garth Brooks, either make a comeback or retire!”

-Whine by AJ

Complaint #101

“Just because I have a gas-powered fireplace doesn’t mean it should smell like gas when its on.”

Whine by Jared St. Croix

Complaint #92

“I hate it when my Forbes Magazine subscription shows up later than the newsstand copy.”

Whine by Eric Yawn

Complaint #108

“That’s interesting, because I was under the impression that ‘R-E-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-O-N’ meant I wouldn’t have to still wait for a table. No I don’t want to wait at the bar.”

-Whine by AJ

Complaint #115 

“I mean seriously….how many hockey games can one guy miss and still call himself a fan? They are called SEASON tickets for a reason.”

-Whine by Robert Lyons

Complaint #139 

“Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that my messenger bag is taking FOREVER to be delivered?”

-Whine by Michael Armstrong

Complaint #142

“I mean it feels good to buy organic, but would it kill Whole Foods to stock Diet Coke?”

-Whine by Ben Austin

Complaint #167

“The Simpsons used to be a satire. Now it’s just a cartoon.”

-Whine by Ben Falik

Complaint #160

“Why was the year of my birth such a disappointing year for bordeaux?”

-Whine by Stephanie Garfield

And my all-time favorite whine….

Complaint #30 

“Can’t they just make ski boots that are easier to walk in?”

- Whine by Robert Lyons