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From low thread count sheets to eastern ski mountains to frustratingly awful maids, White Whine: A Study of First-World Problems examines the downside to being upwardly mobile. Buy a copy for yourself and laugh at the absurdities of the rich and comfortable, and then buy a copy for your any rich, snobby people in your life so they all know we’re laughing at them.

"Streeter is so funny that if he were a wine, he’d be a big glass of MerLOL! Yes, I realize that joke is terrible. But not as terrible as the fact that I have to take the case off my iPhone 5 in order to plug it into the Bose Sound Dock I keep by my jacuzzi. That’s bullsh*t."

Pete Holmes, Comedian

"From the trauma of choosing the wrong line at Whole Foods to the heartbreak that comes with having an overly chatty masseuse, Streeter Seidell delivers a smart and wonderful survey of all the things I haven’t been complaining about, but really should be."

Mangesh Hattikudur, editor of Mental Floss Magazine

"Only Streeter could take one of society’s most obnoxious habits and make it laugh out loud funny with his clever, insightful commentary, and uncanny ability to find the best (worst)offenders. I would say I love it, but the font on my book blurb is too small."

Sarah Schneider, Saturday Night Live